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We all know the importance of social media for your company’s marketing and brand awareness. But the world of social media is constantly changing.

A number of new Twitter-a-like social media platforms have popped up and they are vying to become the new social platform of choice. So, do you add these new channels to add into the marketing mix?

Which new social apps are worth considering? Let’s take a look:

    • Threads – Threads is a social media platform launched by Meta in mid-2023. It’s a text-based conversation app that’s closely linked to Instagram, also owned by Meta. Users can log in to Threads using their Instagram account and post text updates, images and videos up to 5 minutes in length and even short voice messages. The user experience is not unlike Twitter, but feels less polarised than the ‘X’ incarnation of Twitter.
    • Mastodon – Mastodon is a decentralised social media platform made up of independent servers organised around specific themes, topics or interests. People can join servers, follow each other, engage in conversations and do all the usual things you’d expect to do on a social network like Twitter. Unlike Twitter, Mastodon is not owned by a single company – it’s a decentralised network, run from a network of independent servers, making it more independent and less prone to censorship and bias.
    • BlueSky – BlueSky is another decentralised social media platform that was founded in 2021 by Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter. BlueSky is based on the AT Protocol, a new standard for social media that allows users to create their own accounts on different servers, which can then communicate with each other to create a seamless user experience. Unsurprisingly, BlueSky’s user experience is very similar to Twitter, with users able to send ‘skeets’ (tweets) and upload photos. The main drawback of BSky (as it’s shortened to) is that the beta is currently invite only. So you’ll need an invite or to join the waitlist to check out if BSky is the place for you and your business.
    • Post – Post is another new social media platform for 2023, but with a difference. Post is designed for longer-form posts and connects users to ad-free content from publishers through micropayments. Users can purchase individual articles for a small fee, or they can subscribe to a publisher for a monthly fee. Post is also known for its robust moderation tools. If you’re looking to post longer, thought-leadership pieces, Post could well be the place for you – while also generating a small amount of additional revenue.

Finding your new social media home

As with all technology, the social media platform that suits you best will be down to your own personal preference. You might enjoy the simplicity of Threads, or the more detailed, decentralised experience of Mastodon. Or you may prefer the long-form articles of Post and the very Twitter-like user experience of BlueSky.

Ultimately, it’s about diving in, trying out these new platforms and finding out which app feels like the best fit – and then doing your best to build up a following for you and your brand.


The following content was originally published by BOMA. We have updated some of this article for our readers.