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International Tax


Managing Global and Local Tax Regulations.

Weinberg Partners international tax practice focuses on U.S. individuals and companies seeking to do business in foreign countries, and inbound non-residents/companies into the U.S. 

International Tax

International Tax Services

As today’s global markets expand, they are becoming more complex than ever. Compliance, transparency and regulatory demands continue to increase worldwide, and any company doing business internationally is required to have a comprehensive, efficient global tax strategy in place.

At Weinberg Partners, we work with you to understand your needs and then implement custom solutions to help manage your business across global and local jurisdictions. Combining our extensive technical tax abilities with our deep industry knowledge, our professionals work with you to develop and implement your international tax strategy.


U.S. Tax Compliance


Global Tax & Regulatory Compliance

Grow your business. We'll handle your global tax strategy.

U.S. Tax Compliance
Our services include:

    • FBAR Reporting
    • Reporting for U.S. transfer of asseets to foreign corporations
    • U.S. tax reporting for transactions with foreign owners
    • U.S. tax reporting for Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs)
    • Transfer pricing
Global Tax & Regulatory Compliance
Our services include:

    • Support services for tax compliance to foreign countries
    • Interface with taxing & corporate authorities in U.K., Ireland and Canada
    • Analyze benefits of relocating to “tax-haven” jurisdictions, such as Puerto Rico
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